It wouldn't work without rules.

All players and other persons present are required to behave like human beings.
Why? Because you're not animals. Please respect the orders of the organizer and the referees.


Only approved equipment that meets the legal requirements may be used for the game.
Do you want to play or kill each other?!


On the field and wherever there is a risk of being hit by a paintball, players and other persons present must wear a protective paintball mask.
Unless you want a blind stick and a guide dog.


Shooting is only allowed on the field of play during the game or in areas designated by the organizers for testing or discharging weapons.
Is a comment necessary?


Outside the playing area and time, weapons are to be carried secured and fitted with a safety pin.
It's nice to get hit on lunch break.


Physical contact between players is prohibited. It is forbidden to throw any objects on the field.
We play paintball, we don't hold matches or competitions in throwing.


It is forbidden to shoot or point an unloaded marker gun at a player without a protective paintball mask on.
What if?!


If a player notices during the game that there is a person or persons not wearing protective paintball masks in the playfield, he is obliged to immediately stop firing and notify the organizer and the referee of this fact.
I'm not hiding anything, I'm not waiting to see how it turns out, I act!!!


It is forbidden to destroy the field equipment in any way, especially intentionally shooting at the windows, etc.
Okay, we're glad you're sharpshooters, but you better try shooting the actual target.


A player must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the playfield. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
Don't drink, don't smoke, don't yap and play.


It is the responsibility of each player to know and follow the above safety rules at all times.
And those who don't understand should stay at home!!!


Persons under the age of 15 may only participate in the game when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21.
Get your dad, get your mom and come.


Persons under 18 years of age may only participate in the game if supervised by a legally competent person and over 21 years of age.
Are you legally competent? Do you have ID? Then don't worry and come, we're over 21.


Each player participates in the game at his own risk.
Now you know everything, so if you're not a „minion" you will survive 🙂